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5 Reasons Why Introverts Are Great Lovers

Introverts have been misunderstood for a long time. Some find them rude, others boring. Sometimes innate, other times cultural, there are traits that are common to introverts – thinkers, quiet, sensitive, generating energy from inside rather than the world. Introverts enjoy all kinds of experiences given they get a chance to unwind alone and recuperate their energy.

Which is why, we believe, post dating an introvert, you might not want to go back to the popular boys that have always been your choice in life.

They don’t just hang out, they ‘experience’

They would always prefer spending time with you than hanging out with their boys (who are mostly making fun of each other). Meaning is important to them, in no matter what they do.

They love listening to you

If you love to blabber your heart out, dating an introvert is the best idea. They listen to you all the time and actually pay attention. Small talk is not their thing, they are into ‘real conversations’.

They don’t have sex, they ‘make love’

Introverts are great lovers, because they are sensitive to foreplay. Since they are naturally curious, they like exploring. They will definitely surprise you with some kinky out of the box ideas.

They will always compliment you on your new haircut

Introverts have excellent observation skills so they will always compliment you on your new haircut or that new dress you were dying to show off to him. Ever wonder who will understand all the silent cues you like to give instead of speaking your mind, well it’s your introvert boyfriend who won’t miss any one of them.

They are your true reflection

Since introverts are thinkers, they will help you grow as a person with their intellectually stimulating conversations. They will help you see through life with their focus. They will help you push through hardships with their internally generated motivation.