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4 Essential Rules Of A Platonic Relationship

How to avoid complications in a cross-sex friendship

As per a research carried out in 2012, by April Bleske-Rechek, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, men find it difficult to be ‘just friends’ with their female friends, while woman mostly underestimate the level of attraction that men can feel towards them. We sometimes wonder, can men and woman be friends only, with out any physical intimacy? We live in a global world, where the meaning of a lot of things has changed. Relationships have evolved overtime, and you might have a lot of opposite sex friendships which do not involve a romantic element.

Platonic friendships are great. They can help you get perspective from the opposite gender, especially related to boyfriend problems. Sometimes, there are things that you can only discuss with your friends. Platonic friendships are also our only chance of forevers. Break-ups happen all the time, but its the friends who stay in the end to accompany us on over-dosage of ice cream.

Cross-sex friendship however, can sometimes get complicated because of misreading the signals. Till the time we invent devices to read people’s minds, there are some rules that you need to follow if you want to keep the relationship with your guy friend platonic:

No dirty talks

Flirting is the first step towards a romantic relationship. Avoid flirting or complimenting as it might give mixed signals to him. When you joke about sex all the time, it gives birth to romantic ideas. It opens a pathway for the mind to imagine new possibilities. There is no such thing as harmless flirting!

Talk about your Boyfriend

Make sure that you mention your boyfriend or romantic interests in front of your friend. It is the best way to create a barrier in his mind. He will respect you for it, and also reduce chances of confusion in his mind. Also, clearly set your priorities. Do not bunk a date with your boyfriend for your platonic friend, if you do, you need to seriously re-think about your relationship.

Poop Jokes are allowed

Guys like to imagine girly girls, as beauties who do not burp, poop, or fart. Bathroom talk can put him off, in fact, you will become a guy-like friend to him. So keep the poop jokes going!

Avoid a lot of touching

Stay away from the power of touch. Since we are only human, natural instincts are something that are not always in our control. Avoid a lot of one to one meetings with him, since lust gets strong if you start going with the flow. Try not to have a lot of physical contact with your guy friend in order to avoid all these complications.