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5 Ways To Make Long Distance Work

Why is it so hard making long distance work. Maybe because, being together means sharing your life with somebody. It’s the little things that count, like going shopping, watching a movie or having a meal. You enjoy each other’s company, and experiencing life together keeps the relationship going. However, when you have to move away from your love, chances are it becomes a bumpy ride.

Long distance is tough because – you have lost your hang out buddy. You miss being at an arms distance. You are unaware of the day to day things that are happening in each others life, and it causes a lot of insecurities. You need to shift to a virtual relationship, and if the time zones are different, it’s a nightmare. But a lot of people make it work, and here are the simple rules that can help keep your long distance relationship work:

1. Communication is key

Even if you are busy, keep writing to your partner. Tell them everything you do, and they will reciprocate. One of the major reasons why long distance is tough is because you feel you don’t know what the other person is doing all day, and it makes you doubt if you guys are close anymore. Even when you have not been able to talk, emails will ensure you are keeping each other updated. Go the old fashioned way and write letters as well – they are romantic!

2. Keep the attraction alive

Make use of technology! Audio calls is not an option, you need to facetime all the time. It is important to see the other person. Love stands on a few pillars, and attraction is one of them.

3. Set a timetable to deal with expectations

It is important to take some time out daily to talk, and setting a timetable will help. This will help deal with expectations from each other of how much time to give each other, and will make you do the effort.

4. Visit each other often

There is no replacement to real touch. Plan your visits and space them out so that you see each other at regular intervals. It will keep the passion alive, and well, things you cannot do with all the distance in between, you will be reminded of during these visits. Memories of the visit will help both of you sail through the time away.

5. Enjoy Alone time!

Instead of letting negative thoughts enter your mind, keep yourself busy. Appreciate this time with friends and family, and stay happy. When you will have a positive outlook, you will be able to keep the relationship flowery. It will also help you test out your relationship strength.

If you are able to successfully pass through the long distance trial, you can deal with any hardship that arises!