What Does Taking A Break REALLY Mean?

It’s over. That is what ‘taking a break’ means. Even if you come back from the break, it will never be the same.

What does taking a break mean?
In modern times, taking a break means taking time off from the daily bickering that is part of a normal relationship. When things start getting toxic, no argument or discussion helps. In this case, what the heart desires is, ‘get out of this limbo’. “Maybe that will help our cause”, since nobody who has invested in a relationship wants it to become sunk cost. Taking a break is the shorter route, which many might take, expecting it will ‘clear their head’.

What taking a break REALLY mean?
It is the end of an era. The relationship has reached a point where the tolerance levels of both parties have been tested to the max. Nobody wants to budge further, and hence it has become impossible to exist together. Thoughts that are really going on in each person’s mind is “I cannot take it anymore”, “it is hurting me more than it is making me happy”, taking a break is a trade off which might not really seem intelligent at the moment, but you care about the person, and you are unsure if you will want to make all this effort again, so you just take some time out and see if things cool down.
Is there a way around this?

What does the relationship actually need?
Taking a break is the opposite of what a couple should do in order to make it work. Going on a break means further lack of communication, further time away to realize one can live without the other, and further reinforcement that it will not work.

The essence of being together is to share happiness, and to share sadness. But it works if you give each other space as well. Every human being is unique, and needs individual fulfillment along with mutual fulfillment. When a relationship becomes all encompassing, individuals do not get time to explore themselves on their own. Which is unhealthy for the relationship. For a relationship to work, the couple needs to evolve overtime. Trust your partner when they are away, and follow your own dreams in your alone time. When you come back together, you will have exciting things to share.

Even though it has become difficult to move on, it is recommended to still talk and stay together, and find a mature solution to the problem.

If you decide to stick to each other in times when talking has become difficult, you will be able to break through. After all, philosophers strongly believed in the power of conversation and arguments. According to them, the truths of the universe are hidden in conversations, waiting to be discovered.

If you realize post discussions and endless storming sessions, that you are not compatible anymore, then breaking up is the solution. But going on a break, and creating further barriers to communication, will only end in one thing, GAME OVER.