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Avoiding A Fight; 10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend

Although you, and you alone know your relationship best, there are a few rules that apply to almost every boyfriend-girlfriend relationship in the universe. We think if you avoid saying the following things to your boyfriend, you can avoid some major drama. Some are fairly obvious, others – not so much.

1. Am I Looking Fat?

This one is an obvious one, and that’s why we’ve decided to start with it. Although you may be asking his opinion sincerely, whatever he says will lead him to the gallows. If he says yes, you will be either very angry or super upset, which won’t do either of you good. If he says no, you’ll probably think he’s lying, or worse making fun of you. Do everyone a favor and avoid this monstrosity of a question!

2. When Will I See You Next?

You just got done with a date, please don’t ask him that! It will raise an immediate red flag, and he will forever label you as the overly attached, clingy, borderline obsessive girlfriend. Or ex. Cause after that label you won’t be dating for too long.

3. Relax, It’s Just A Game.

If your boy is into baseball, football, soccer, any kind of sports, and he’s sitting on the edge of his seat watching his favourite team’s match – this is the worst possible thing you can say to him. Yes, you’re right and he’s probably overreacting to everything, but it’s something he’s very passionate about, and he wouldn’t appreciate you putting down his passion like that.

4. You Need To Man Up.

This one is a BIG NO. This is an extremely rude and disrespectful thing to say to any man especially your boy. He doesn’t need to man up, you need to stop emasculating him.

If you really do need to talk to him about something important, cut through the dramatic cliches and be straight forward.

5. We Need To Talk

Men have nightmares about this phrase. If you really do need to talk to him about something important, cut through the dramatic cliches and be straight forward. He will appreciate that more. This phrase will just get him riled up, and he may jump to the worst conclusions possible, leading to a bad misunderstanding.

6. I Can Help You Shop

You think you’re being clever, but chances are he’s going to see through this. This will read out as I hate your clothes, I hate your sense of style and I don’t trust you to shop well for yourself. I want to change your dressing sense completely. Trust us, that’s what he’s going to hear from those 5 not-so-innocent words.

7. Can You Really Afford That?

Boys are especially sensitive about their financial situations because believe it or not, its linked to their masculinity in their heads. You may have the best of intentions when he tries to swoon you with an expensive dinner date, or gifts, but you will end up hurting his feeling badly, as he may feel like you think he cannot provide for you.

8. Don’t Be Silly — I Haven’t Done That In Ages

Yes, you may be in a serious relationship now, mature and all coupled up, but don’t forget the crazy, fun girl he fell in love with. Though with time, people mature in their relationships, it doesn’t mean that you let go of all that was fun! Try out something you haven’t done for him in ages and he’ll be swept off his feet!

9. My Ex Used To Do The Same Thing

There are so many things wrong with this one. Firstly your boyfriend NEVER EVER in a million years wants to know what your ex did or didn’t do with you when you two were together. Those are visuals he just does not want.
Secondly, he might get annoyed or upset about the fact that you’re thinking about your ex while you’re with him. It might lead him to believe that you’re not really over your ex, or worse, you’re in contact with him again.
Lastly, you cannot compare your current with your ex. That is preposterous. Imagine him doing the same to you. Would you like it?

10. I’m Preggars … Just Kidding.

Although this one makes for the best funny stories to tell to your friends, it’s just not worth it. Chances are your boyfriend may see the humor, after you relieve him by telling him it’s a joke, but there is the possibility that he may just flip out or worse, get a mini heart attack. The joke albeit funny, is just not worth putting your boyfriend in the ICU for.