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What To Do If You Have Fallen In Love With Your Boss?

Work is where we spend most of our active minded time of the day, interacting with the people around us. Work takes up a lot of our energy, and for some work is life. Sometimes, you find great friends at work, who share the same aspirations, and help you vent out without holding it against you. These friends are a necessity at work, because they help you remain insane in all the pressure. Plus, working together as a team becomes better if you also like the jokes the other person cracks. Having friends at work makes it interesting and keeps you motivated. Friends at work who challenge you as well as help you grow as a professional are a blessing at work.

In some cases, however, things can get complicated. We are humans after all, and we love to fall in love.

What to do if you fall in love with your boss?

Even though we all hate our bosses, for one reason or the other, there might be some cases where you fall in love with the boss. Maybe he has a strong personality, or is very kind to you, maybe he helps you think outside the box which excites you, or he is just really good looking. The reasons can be many. But what should you do if you realize you are thinking about him before going to sleep every night.

1. Hold your horses:

Even if they say, ‘say it if you love someone’, in this case make sure you give the thought some time. Sometimes, initial infatuation fades away as you get to know the person more. Bosses are bound to keep a distance from their sub ordinates, since that is part of the job and is necessary to keep the system fair, which may create a certain mystery around them. This mystery might seem attractive to you at first, but observe him with his peers. How is his demeanor with them? All the mystery that is currently between you two, wait for it to shed a little.

2. Think, think again:

Make sure you talk it out with friends, but not work friends. If you discuss your work love situations with people at work, they may start seeing everything in that respect. ‘Oh you got to attend that meeting while we didn’t, must be because of all the attention that you are giving him’. Things can get really messed up and people will start questioning everything, even your work. Better to stay hush hush about your feelings.

We are humans after all, and we love to fall in love

3. Stay Professional:

It is a great feeling if the other person also wants to reciprocate your feelings, however, if advances are made, make sure to reject them at work. Maintain professionalism at all times, even if he is into you and shows it, ignore it at work. If he really wants it, you can make it work out of office. Meet him in normal surroundings outside work, and see if you two hit it off.

4. Better not experiment:

If you are not hundred percent sure about it, best strategy would be to let it go. If sometimes he makes you feel really stupid, and other times he is very kind, this might not be worth it. You deserve the best, and someone who is part nice, part a jerk is not worth taking a risk for.

5. Leave:

At some workplaces, it is against company policy to have a relationship at work. Are you willing to leave work for him? Is the chemistry so great? Falling in love at work may not be in your control, but what happens after it is. Your co-workers will not take it in a good way if you start dating your boss. They will feel singled out, and some may even change the team dynamics because of the jealousy they feel. This may also create unintentional bias in the boss’s actions towards you, which will be unfair to everyone else. It would be best if you leave work, but are you willing to take that step?


Falling in love at work can be great at times, because then you can share so much of the time together, and on something both of you feel passionate about. But falling in love with the boss is bound to get complicated. Separating personal and work life is the way to go, and if they start to mingle, make sure you take care of all the stakeholders involved, especially yourself and your work. If you decide to have a non serious relationship with your boss, it will only destroy your reputation and create emotional drama you don’t need in your life. Until its crazy love, try and keep the heart in control at work.