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Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

We ask ourselves again and again, especially after a toxic relationship, or a bad break up. Why? Why do we have to fall for the biggest, baddest, meanest boy we find! Well, we have an answer but not a solution!

1. His Confidence
Bad boys are all about confidence. They don’t care who likes them and who doesn’t. They do what they want and when they want. This kind of attitude reflects a lot of confidence and confidence is always sexy.

2. We Want To Be THE GIRL. The One Who Can Change Him.
It has got a lot to do with our own egos. We know he’s bad for us. His reputation precedes him, we’ve been told about his lies, his affairs, his temper, his disloyal demeanor but we love a challenge. And he said we were ‘The One’, didn’t he? Our friends keep advising us against dating him, but secretly we love the fact he’s chosen us and we hope we’ll be ‘The One’ to change him; to tame him; to domesticate him.

3. Indifference makes it easy
The fact that bad boys don’t care and are indifferent can sometimes be a breath of fresh air, as compared to boys who are glued to us like they are our Siamese twin, wanting and craving our time and attention. The fact that he’s indifferent means we get our own space and above all we don’t feel too much under pressure. We can f*** up in the relationship and that’s okay, cause he doesn’t care, he probably won’t even notice. Plus, girls like the chase just as much as boys!


4. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game
Where we go to find love is part of the problem. We go to bars, frat parties, the cool get-together  at the cool kid’s house.. well that’s not where we will run into MR. Nice Guy. When we meet a guy at a party who is smooth and charming, making us laugh and giggle – we really like him. Maybe he’s our next Mr. Steady? NO. RUN. Because he’s a bad boy. Good guys don’t actively look to engage women, additionally they’re never this good at flirting. It’s the bad boys who know how to play the game, how to hunt and where.

5. He Has Lowered Your Standards
It is so ironic but one of the main reasons we like dating bad boys is because they make us think they’re SO nice to us! Doesn’t make sense right? It will in a minute.

Because he is a major jerk 90% of the time, the 10% of times when he does something nice, randomly out of the blue, it really surprises you

So imagine, you are dating this boy who barely plans any dates, rarely calls, flirts with women in front of you and tells you that you look really fat in those jeans. This of course means your self-esteem is at an all-time low. In these circumstances and specially because he is a major jerk 90% of the time, the 10% of the time when he does something nice, randomly out of the blue, it really surprises you. It stands out and makes you feel so special! And so you get addicted to that feeling. That feeling of being complimented, brought flowers to, or maybe of just getting a call back from him. It will make you feel amazing, and make him seem like the best guy in the world!

It’s the oldest trick in the book, really. He gives you attention and rewards in such a random way, that you crave for the next time he’ll do something nice and so remain hooked on; you have become an addict.