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Why Falling In Love With A BOOK READER Is The Best Thing In The World

In today’s world, where you have a thousand ways to obtain knowledge, people have still stuck to reading books (on paper or online) because the feeling cannot be replaced with anything else. Studies have shown that people who read are happier in life compared to those who do not. From afar, book readers seem to be living in their own world, or sometimes seem too nerdy. This may make you think, am I making a right decision? Is this person going to be a boring partner? Well, falling in love with a book reader is the best thing in the world, here’s why:

1. They have a world to share!

Book readers are living so many lives through their books that you will always have something to learn from them. And learning new things is a great feeling which keeps life interesting. Talking about the books will help increase the couple’s knowledge, while give a thousand topics to discuss. Chances are, you are less likely to get bored if you are in love with a book reader. In fact, both of you can fall in love further with the shared love of life and what it has to offer.

2. Book readers understand you deeply

The characters in their books have taught them a lot, especially about human emotions. You can enjoy a deep emotional connection with book readers, because of the way they think. They have encountered so many characters in their books that they will understand where you are coming from. Or at least try to. Book readers will be more tolerant and empathetic towards you because of their wide world view. When someone understands the context of different things, it is easier to make them understand what you mean. Hence, book readers can really satisfy your emotional and mental needs.

Book readers have created a net of complex thoughts in their brains through different experiences that they have had while reading

3. Book readers can be your ultimate problem solvers

Book readers are more likely to understand complex problems, just because they read about them all the time. Book readers have created a net of complex thoughts in their brains through different experiences that they have had while reading, which has helped them evolve. And also equipped them to look at things with a 360 degrees perspective. Even if they do not understand anything, they will be curious to read about it and help solve it. Book readers have this complex thought process which can help them break down your problems. And find solutions that seemed impossible to unearth on the surface.

4. Book readers are happier people

Studies have shown that people consider book reading as a stress reliever. Most unwind while reading, which makes them healthier human beings. Having a relationship with a healthy mind will keep you happy as well. Book readers know how to handle their stress, and have a great way to let it out. Reading revives their life perspectives, and hence they remain focused in life. Being with someone who reads means the relationship stays away from negativity.

5. Book readers have no end to their aspirations

Book readers have their characters to look up to. Sometimes, life may not offer guidance, or a rule book to follow. But people who read have role models beyond their circle, which means they aspire to be better than the best. If your partner wants to grow as a person, you will enjoy life to the fullest, since it will be challenging and fulfilling for you as a person.


Life with book readers can indeed be extraordinary, only if you are ready.