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7 Types Of Boyfriends You Should Definitely Avoid

We get it, some of them do sound pretty tempting, but try and avoid these next categories of boyfriends for your own sanity.. or just go for it! (If you get a kick out of misery) What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?

The Needy And Depressed

The Needy and Depressed Boyfriend is inconsolably dark, constantly wrapped up in doom-laden thoughts of the future and is not optimistic about his future with you or anyone else for that matter. He keeps complaining how you are changing, acting different and often predicts that you’ll leave him and go and he’ll die alone.

He takes out the joy from everything, and whines until ears will bleed. He will call a billion times and text several trillion, until he is finally reassured that you will be coming home soon.


The Possessive And Paranoid

He is really sweet and loves you but he has a cardinal flaw – he’s possessive and paranoid. His favorite questions are ‘where are you’ and ‘what you are doing’, which he ceaselessly repeats throughout the day. He will never take your word for it, he will cross check, Facebook and Insta-stalk you and maybe even plough through your texts and calls. Showing a little possessiveness is cute and acceptable, because accept it, you also sometimes want him to yourself only, but you will know when the line has been crossed – and that is when you feel choked.


One Who Is After Your Money

This one is interested in you as soon as he hears about your family’s latest vacation on your private island or your killer paycheck or your new sports car. He enjoys taking expensive exotic trips and checking into expensive hotels on your card because his, suspiciously, stops working. When you’re out on dates he finds some excuse to get out of paying at the restaurant, and the times he does pay, he gets you the ‘romantic’ movie and food truck combination.


The Dominating And Sexist

He’s the picture of misogyny. He makes sexist jokes around you and your friends, embarrassing you so much you want to sink into the ground. He’s always bossing you around. As soon as you’d express something you want to do, he will give you 101 reasons why he thinks you shouldn’t. He thinks your studies, aims, dreams, achievements and job is less important than his. You’ll often find him drinking beer with his friends and making jokes at your expense.


The Sugar Daddy

He’s much older than you. Or your out of his league. When you’re together, people often stare because your couple doesn’t make sense. But it doesn’t matter, because he’s your sugar daddy – whatever you want, whenever you want, he gets for you. His chauffeur drives you around, and you get expensive gifts on a regular. Sure, you don’t love him, but who can deny a PRADA bag? However think long term, will things alone make always make you happy?


The Party Animal

You probably won’t hold onto him for a long time as he is just not suited to relationships. He’s going to be going out every day, whether you’re with him or not. He doesn’t like romantic dates, he’s all about being crazy and fun and ‘living the life’. Sorry but the party animal is just not for settling and you better realize that…or join his ways.


The Cheater

He makes big claims of his love for you – he tells you he’ll snatch the stars and the moon from the sky for you – and yet as soon as you turn around you see him checking out another girl’s ass. He’s got way too many ‘platonic’ girl friends on Facebook and in real life. And he’s suspiciously guarded about his phone, takes it inside the bathroom when he showers. You find girls touching him casually, making innuendos – and he says it’s them, not him. He says you can trust him, but with him missing your recent dates and you getting a busy tone on his phone whenever you dial him, can you really?



By now you’re probably thinking about swearing off boys completely due to our list, because you’re thinking if I avoid all of them, who do I go out on a date with? Well as always, we have the answer!

✩ Supporting And Giving

He’s a rare species. Your friends ask you where you found him because they’ve never seen such a boyfriend before. And neither have you. He always puts his relationship with you first, and makes sure you feel special. He arranges romantic surprises and getaways for the two of you, along with fun and cutesy activities other than sex that the both of you can enjoy! He cooks for you, takes care of you especially inside the bedroom, where your pleasure comes first! He understands you and wants you to achieve your dreams in life. He’s one in a million – he’s the one! (And a little difficult to find, just saying)