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Date Ideas Guys Are Secretly Dying For You To Try

These days, when first dates are usually decided by an algorithm on your Dating Phone App, or by your friend who promised you a ‘really hot blind date’, it is really easy to get freaked out. You don’t know who you’ll meet, and its generally pretty awkward on the first date.

Here are some first date tips and ideas guys are secretly hoping that all girls will read and adopt as soon as possible!

  1. Leave Your Phone Be

You are meeting your date for the first time. The circumstances are fairly awkward, so chances are you will reach for your phone, instead of putting yourself out there. DON’T. That’s a very big put off for the person sitting across. If they’re trying to make small talk to get to know you, staring at your screen, muttering inaudible, unintelligible answers will get you nowhere with them. You will most definitely not have a second date. Not to mention it is very insulting for the other person, who will naturally think you’re having a bad time and not interested in him.

  1.  Don’t Play the Game

Sure, first dates are stressing and we tend to overthink everything. From choosing the restaurant  to selecting our dress and heels, you want to look like you care but don’t want to look like you worked too hard on your appearance, you want to arrive on time, but don’t want to be there too early, alone, before your date arrives. Suffice to say there are just too many worries. But RELAX. Remember that your date is probably just as nervous as you are, and having an equally jittery time, getting to your desired meeting place.

Remember that your date is probably just as nervous as you are

  1. Put Your Foot Down When You Want To

When you are deciding where to go, what to do on your date, with your date to be, do not be shy about what you want to do or not do. Do not let your date decide everything, thinking you’ll hurt their feelings if you say no to something, or letting them simply take the lead because they’re the guy. Take the lead for a change, voice your opinion. A lot of men complain that after they are on a date with the girl, they find out that the girl hates the restaurant or the concert or wherever they’ve taken her – this actually hurts them more. It is disappointing and cruel to know that the other person is hating a date they so excitedly planned. So, tell them if you don’t like something, while it can be changed.

There Are No Rules for Love Anymore
  1. There Are No Rules for Love Anymore

After your date is successful please don’t follow any fad rules, or things your girlfriends tell you. There are no rules for love anymore. There’s no texting him back too soon, or waiting those three dreaded days to text him, or waiting for his text. You are a modern girl from the 21st century, if you liked your date and you like him, text him later that night or the next day. Don’t let something silly spoil your chance at love!

  1. Try Something Unexpected

Surprise your date. Think of some unpredictable and fun ways of breaking the ice for the first date. Maybe take a card game with you? Maybe take your dogs out for a stroll? Some physical activity or sport? Something fun and light like a card game would not only break the ice in an enjoyable manner, but would also take away the stress of making small talk. You can initially busy yourselves with the game and talk about each other when you’re ready and relaxed enough to open up.

  1. Your Friends Don’t Need to Vet Him. Yet

Do not make the grave mistake of making your date meet your friends on the first date. PLEASE. It’s only the first date – it could either be a hit or a miss. First dates are awkward as it is, and the guy does not need the added pressure – or annoyance – of meeting a gaggle of giggling, hyper girls.

  1. Explore Your Hobbies Together

Don’t fall into the rut of the typical – dinner and movie – date. Guys keep going back to this generic date pattern, because it’s the easy way out, low effort and its highly unlikely he’ll disappoint you with this. Ease his tension, by suggesting to him different activities and hobbies you’re into – explore these together and get to know each other.