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House of Cards: Frank and Claire – An Unconventional Marriage

‘House of Cards’ is one of the few political series today which has freakish similarities to hidden facets of modern day politics. With the upcoming season 5 to be released on Tuesday, 30th May, 2017, let us remind ourselves of the couple that broke all stereotypes.

Frank and Claire have a unique relationship, more of a strong partnership than just a marriage. All the things typical of a married couple; love, kids, monogamy, jealousy – does not exist in the Underwood’s partnership. Claire agreed to be with him because of a choice she made – he might never be able to satisfy her needs as a woman, but with him life will never be boring. Frank and Claire form a power couple, working together to achieve their goals. In Claire’s own words:

“We go beyond what’s pretty and perfect. Beyond what’s scary, difficult, and unknown. We’re not just partners on the ticket. We’re partners in life”

Season 4 caught us off guard with how evil both Frank and Claire can be – for each their goals is what matters – not each other. Claire leaves Frank’s side and goes living with her dying mother until Frank is shot and he agrees to her being his running mate. Season 4 ends where Frank and Claire go beyond our expectations of evil, putting the entire country at war to create fear – because this fear alone will help them win now. Again, in Claire’s words:

“I’m done trying to win over people’s hearts…we can work with fear”

Frank stands in elections versus William Conway, who is the epitome cliches – a perfect young good looking family – beautiful wife, two adorable kids Charlie and Lilly. Very unlike the Underwoods, who are old, without kids (that might have signaled towards the softer side of them) and a marriage that is on stake. William is open about his private life, while the Underwood’s life is full of secrets and affairs. Some even compare them to Hillary and Bill – Hillary stood beside her husband even when he was having an affair because she knew one day she wants to stand for election (and nothing should jeopardize that).
Which of the two families is more likely to win in Season 5?
Our ideas of love, family and marriage has changed overtime. In this age, sticking to the conventional idea of a President and his ideal family does not hold anymore. Melania Trump is the only first lady ever who has posed naked for a magazine. William Conway might position himself and his family as the ideal American family – but is that what the people want now?

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The truth is that the ideals have changed, people will see in the Underwoods a partnership that is beyond the vulnerabilities of love or emotions, a couple that works together in a dynamic way where each compliments the other and helps each other achieve their aspirations. It is a couple which is mature and real – life is not kisses and playing in the bed, life is dark, and marriages might not always be a rosy picture. Frank and Claire have their differences, and people can see that. It makes them more relatable. They are strong, because in the end, both come together and know how to work past the differences. Their story is more sell-able in today’s world than the story of the Conways – who are too good to be true right? Why do you think Trump won – because he isn’t perfect and people can relate to it, how many times before has the first lady been as real as slapping her husband’s hand in public?

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When America is at war, which of the two couples (Frank and Claire vs. William and Hannah Conway) is America more likely to select? We have hinted at our prediction, what is yours?